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Attachments are files attached to content. A content item with an attachment is assumed to be a 'media' type item.

PUT /v3/attachment/{content uuid}

Update attachment meta information OR replace the file. You cannot do both at the same time.

Acl Action: ATTACHMENT update

Example Request:

Replace master image:

    "name": "myfile.png",
    "file": "base 64 encoded binary file"

Update preview image angle:

    "angle": "45"

Update attachment metadata:

    "metadata": {
        "default": {
            "crop": "focalpoint",
            "fit": "crop",
            "fp-x": "0.5791666666666667",
            "fp-y": "0.4419889502762431",
            "h": "567",
The previous example would set default preview parameters for the image preview.

Example Response: See GET /v3/content/{content uuid}