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CEO is an ever evolving platform. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us!


CEO Side Navigation

  • If you have access to multiple CEO Publications, you can quickly switch between publications by clicking the swap publication button.
  • Tap "New Article" to quicky create a new article, or tap the right side of the segmented menu to add other types of content, like Entries, Galleries, Pages and Sections. You can also open the Command Bar and type "New" followed by the type of content you're adding.
  • Under the Content tab, you'll find all your articles, pages, media (including galleries).
  • Recent will show you all the items you've interacted with during this session.
  • Custom Content is where you manage custom channels and entries.
  • Use Search & DAM to search content and use CEO's Digital Asset Management features.
  • Containers shows you all of your defined sections and containers.
  • Use Tags and Authors to manage those features.
  • Settings contains general CEO and account level settings, along with compliance documents and site-specific settings.

Profile and New

Tap or click your profile image to quickly access account settings and log out of CEO.

Selecting multiple items

Selecting multiple items will allow you to easily publish, unpublish, tag, or delete a group of items at the same time.

table view select box

In table view, click or tap the select box the left of the title.

grid view select

In grid view, click or tap the image preview. Selected items will have a green ring around them.


Unlike previous versions of CEO, you must click or tap on the item's title to open the edit view.


When preforming group operations, like tagging or publishing multiple items, CEO will automatically check the item out, make the change, and check it back in. Any items CEO is unable to lock will be ignored.


Each content item features several status indicators:

Content Status

  • Status
    • Green - Published
    • Gray - Draft
    • Blue - Pending
  • Workflow - See Creating Workfows for more information
  • Lock
    • Available - Content is able to be checked out
    • Locked - Content is locked by indicated user

For more info on locking and unlocking, please see article locking.


Filtering Options

When viewing content, you can easily filter by type and workflow status. Use view toggles to swap between table and grid views.

Tap or click on the table headings, in table view, to re-order the results.