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Page Features

Pages in CEO:

  • Can be built using advanced features;
  • Have fixed URLs;
  • Trigger automatic site rebuilds when pushed to CEO Front End;

CEO can also have "fixed" pages that are built directly in the template.

Pages are generally used for secondary site content, like mastheads, contact, and advertising pages.

Features of a page:

  • Title
  • URL Slug - the unique URL this article will live at. After you publish, the URL Slug can be changed, but CEO will track all previous URLs.
  • Dominant Media - the main media for this article. This is the art that will be featured on the front page, section fronts and with the social share cards. Dominant media can be any media that CEO supports, including galleries.
  • Content
  • Workflow - optional flags for your production process.
  • Tags
  • Layout Template - optional, site specific, templates provided by SNworks.
  • Meta - meta properties are site specific and can have a wide array of uses and impacts.

See the features of the Article Editor for more info.