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Most recent copies of CEO Back Office are available here:


Double click the DMG and drag to your Applications folder.


Double click the installer and follow the prompts. The application will launch automatically.


First, be sure to allow the application through your system's firewall. By default Back Office listens on port 45034, but will look for another open port in a high range if that one is in use. The system log will tell you which port it is currently listening on. This should only allow local connections!

Next, click the Settings button.

Click the "SET PATH" button and select your shared server path. This will enable Back Office to track documents.

To enable page tracking you must first check the "Enable Page Tracking" box. Then log into CEO and go to Settings -> Developer Access. Copy and paste your Public and Private API keys into the appropriate boxes in Back Office.

Please note that your account should either be an Administrator or have the ability to set permissions for other users.

Once those are set, click "SAVE".