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Editing Authors

Duplicate Authors

Duplicate authors can cause issues linking authors and content on your connected CEO Front End site. It may lead to problems displaying author pages and proper attribution.

Features of an author:

  • Name - Author's name
  • Slug - Used when generating URLs and standardized requests. Slugs must be unique
  • Status - Inactive authors are hidden when searching for and adding authors to content.
  • Email
  • Tagline - Short description of author or position.
  • Description - Author biography.
  • Meta Properties - Used for extra author information, like head shot and social media links.

Meta Properties

Author meta properties allow you to add extra, unstructured information to author bios. CEO also has a few builtin meta property handlers in CEO Front End, including:

  • photo - A URL for the author's head shot.
  • twitter - Author's full Twitter profile URL.
  • facebook - Author's full Facebook profile URL.
  • instagram - Authors full Instagram profile URL.

Updating author bios and head shots

CEO uses meta properties to provide the information to the front end system for extra biographical information including head shots and social media profiles.

Upload head shot to CEO

Upload your head shot to CEO and locate the "Preview URL":

Image preview url

Click the link and copy the resulting URL:

Copy image url

Then insert that into your author's meta data using the photo key:

Author meta data