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CEO is an ever evolving platform. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us!

Global Shortcuts

These work no matter where you are:

Action Shortcut
Command Menu ⌘+K or Ctrl+K
Help ?
Search /
Go -> Dashboard g then h
Go -> Recent g then r
Go -> Containers g then c
Go -> Custom Content g then e
Go -> Search g then s
New -> Article c then a
New -> Container c then c
New -> Entry c then e

Articles, Media, Pages, Galleries, and Containers

Depending on your view and the item's lock status, not all of the following options may be available.

Action Shortcut
Save ⌘+Enter or Ctrl+Enter

Rich Editor

The rich editor has a number of commands that are available when it has focus.

Action Shortcut
Undo ⌘+Z or Ctrl+Z
Redo ⌘+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Shift+Z
Select text in the block ⌘+A or Ctrl+A
Select all blocks ⌘+Shift+A or Ctrl+Shift+A
Select multiple blocks ⌘+Click or Ctrl+Click
Duplicate block ⌘+Shift+D or Ctrl+Shift+D
Move line up ⌘+Shift+ or Ctrl+Shift+
Move line down ⌘+Shift+ or Ctrl+Shift+
Remove inline format ⌘+Shift+M or Ctrl+Shift+M
Bold ⌘+B or Ctrl+B
Italic ⌘+I or Ctrl+I
Underline ⌘+U or Ctrl+U
Superscript ⌘+H or Ctrl+H
Subscript ⌘+L or Ctrl+L
Normal text ⌘+Alt+0 or Ctrl+Alt+0
Heading 1 ⌘+Alt+1 or Ctrl+Alt+1
Heading 2 ⌘+Alt+2 or Ctrl+Alt+2
Heading 3 ⌘+Alt+3 or Ctrl+Alt+3
Heading 4 ⌘+Alt+4 or Ctrl+Alt+4
Heading 5 ⌘+Alt+5 or Ctrl+Alt+5
Heading 6 ⌘+Alt+6 or Ctrl+Alt+6
Ordered List ⌘+Shift+7 or Ctrl+Shift+7
Unordered List ⌘+Shift+8 or Ctrl+Shift+8
Indent ⌘+] or Ctrl+]
Outdent ⌘+[ or Ctrl+[
Link ⌘+K or Ctrl+K
Save ⌘+Return or Ctrl+Return