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Galleries in CEO:

  • Can be embedded in articles and pages;
  • Trigger automatic site rebuilds when pushed to CEO Front End;
  • Can contain any media type.

Features of media:

  • Title
  • URL Slug - the unique URL this article will live at. After you publish, the URL Slug can be changed, but CEO will track all previous URLs.
  • Description
  • Workflow - optional flags for your production process.
  • Content - an ordered list of child media items.
  • Tags
  • Meta - meta properties are site specific and can have a wide array of uses and impacts. Standard meta properties include:
    • Subheads
    • Infoboxes - for tertiary content.
    • Preview Only - to hide dominant media on the article page.

Adding and sorting media

Adding and sorting media

To add media:

  1. Tap "Add content."
  2. Select any number of media items from the Content Picker;
  3. Then tap "Done."

You can arrange your media by tapping or clicking and holding on the drag arrows - drag arrows - and dragging them into a new order.


Galleries are a special form of container in CEO, kind of like a section but for media. When you create a gallery, CEO generates a media preview automatically based on the first media item in the collection.

Any time you replace the first media item, CEO will update the preview to match.