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Podcast Feeds

The FeedBuilder plugin was not ported from Gryphon to CEO as an interactive plugin. Instead its functionality lives on in the front end system's Feeds plugin template system.

Now the custom feed system is controlled entirely by Twig templates.

Creating a podcast feed is a easy as creating a new template and making use of the provided core macros.


Create a new template in the client templates folder called plugins/feeds/my-podcast.twig.

{% extends 'partials/plugins/feeds/rss-base.twig' %}
{% block channel %}
    {% import 'partials/plugins/feeds/podcast-macros.twig' as podcast %}

    {{ podcast.channelItem({
        'title': 'State News Podcast Tester',
    }) }}

        set items = fetch('media')
                    .where('type = "audio"')

    {% for item in items %}
        {{ podcast.rssItem(item) }}
    {% endfor %}

{% endblock %}

Now, when you hit the url site.tld/plugin/feeds/my-podcast you'll get your podcast feed. Easy as that.