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Tag Features

Tags in CEO:

  • Are used for both placement and relationships;
  • Can be used to generate ad-hoc sections;
  • Do not trigger automatic rebuilds of CEO Front End;

Automatic rebuilds

Direct changes to tags and authors will not trigger a connector action, thus not triggering a rebuild of CEO Front End connected sites. Tags and authors are only pushed to the connector when something they're attached to (like an article) is updated.

Features of a tag:

  • Name - Tag's label or friendly name
  • Slug - Used when generating URLs and standardized requests. Slugs must be unique
  • Status - Inactive tags are hidden when searching for and adding tags to content.

Deleting Tags

Deactivating tags is a safer option over deleting them. Deleting tags can cause errors on your site if a particular block or content area expects them to exist.