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Calendar Feeds

Using assignment calendar feeds you can view assignments in any connected calendar.

Calendar feeds are one-way

Calendar feeds are intended to display assignment information only. Altering an assignment from within a linked calendar application will not update the assignment in CEO.

Importing the Calendar Feed

The first step is to grab the feed you'd like to use. In CEO, go to Assignments, then click the Calendar Feeds button in the toolbar. You will see two user-specific URLs for you to use. Select either all assignments, or just your assignments and mentions.

Assignment modal with two urls

Then simply add to your calendar.

Google Calendar

  • On the left sidebar, scroll to the bottom.
  • Click "+" next to "Other Calendars"
  • Select "From URL"
  • Paste in your URL and save

Outlook 365

  • On the left sidebar, click "Add Calendar"
  • Click "Subscribe from Web"
  • Paste in your URL and import

Apple Calendar

  • Click File, then "New Calendar Subscription"
  • Paste in your URL and click "Subscribe"