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Author Features

Authors in CEO:

  • Are relationships only;
  • Articles to authors and generate author pages;
  • Do not trigger automatic rebuilds of CEO Front End;

Authors are not users

Authors are not users. Removing an author will not remove a similarly named user's access in CEO.

Deleting authors is generally a Bad IdeaTM. Because authors may be using links to their profiles for clip and job hunting purposes, removing an author in CEO will break that relationship.

Consider deactivating that author instead.

Adding multiple authors

Adding multiple authors

Select "Import Authors" to add multiple authors at one time. Authors can either be comma separated or added one per line or a combination of both.

For example:

Valid Entries

Douglas Dawson, Joseph Coleman, Barry Abbott
Edna Hammond
Seth Swanson
Charlie Little, Kate Gutierrez

Invalid Entries

Douglas Dawson/Joseph Coleman/Barry Abbott
<a href="#">Edna Jacobs</a>
Amelia Sherman

Manuel Santos

Features of a author:

  • Name - Author's friendly name
  • Slug - Used when generating URLs and standardized requests. Slugs must be unique
  • Status - Inactive authors are hidden when searching for and adding authors to content.
  • Email - Author contact info
  • Phone
  • Meta - Meta properties are used for various features, like head shots, social media links, etc.

Automatic rebuilds

Direct changes to tags and authors will not trigger a connector action, thus not triggering a rebuild of CEO Front End connected sites. Tags and authors are only pushed to the connector when something they're attached to (like an article) is updated.