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Automation Cookbook - Calling a webhook in response to a meta property

You can use an item's meta properties to trigger an automation based on its value.

Set up your meta property

The most useful one would likely be a Checkbox meta property. Assume we have one called "Call Webhook". Adding meta properties to content requires a configuration edit. If you're unsure how to do that, please contact support.

Set up your Automation


  • Go to Settings, then Automation.
  • Create a new Automation.
  • Set the type to "meta-update"
  • Select "article" for type and "Call Webhook" for your meta property.
  • Set the value to 1.
  • Add a new action and select "Call Webhook" from the list.
  • Add your URL to the "URL" field.
  • Don't forget to save your automation!

Now your webhook will be called when someone enables the "Call Webhook" meta property. While the property is on, the webhook will only be called once.

To call the webhook again, you'll have to uncheck the box, save, then check it again and save.