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Channels define the properties of an entry. All entries must belong to a channel.

Channel Types

Channels can be either "Standard" or "Panel" types:

  • Standard channels have multiple entries and are used, generally, for custom content or extended functionality. You edit standard channel entries by navigating to Custom Content and filtering or sorting for the item. Examples include:
    • Special sections
    • Classified ads
    • Featured content
  • Panel channels generally only have one entry and are used to manage a setting or specific feature. Examples include:
    • SEO settings
    • Navigation layouts
    • Print wdition previews


While the bulk of a channel is defined by meta properties, there are a few options that can impact how a channel acts.

  • Title - As with anything in CEO, you need a title;
  • Slug - and a slug.
  • Hidden - A hidden channel will not appear in most selection lists.
  • Available as a route - A routable channel will automatically generate a URL on your connected CEO Front End site with the channel slug.
  • Settings Panel - A panel channel will have a link in CEO's navigation, right below the Settings button to allow for quick access.

Routable channels

A routable channel will generate a path on your CEO Front End site that will automatically load the channel and entry as necessary.

For example, a channel titled "Special Section" with the slug special-section and a channel entry slugged best-wings-2022 could be loadable at:


Meta Properties

See meta properties for more information.