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Search and Digital Asset Management

Search Index Updates

CEO's search indexer sweeps your content every 15 minutes, so new items may not appear in search results right away. Dashboard filters are always faster when looking for new items.

Help and Feedback

Below your results, right above the bottom pagination links, you'll find a feedback link. This link sends an email to support with your encoded search data. If you're not finding what you're looking for, or search isn't behaving like you think it should be, please send support and email via this link.

Having information on what you're searching for (and how) will help us improve search results over time.

Search Facets


The first and most common facet is the keyword. When using the search input at the top of the CEO interface, and the Keyword field in the search form, you're using the keyword facet.

Keywords match against:

  • UUID
  • Title
  • Abstract/Alt Text
  • Content/Caption
  • File Name
  • Slug
  • Metadata
  • Attachment Type

Keywords are phrase based, for example searching for "fuzzy puppies" will search for items that contain the phrase "fuzzy puppies", "fuzzy", and "puppies". Items with the full phrase will always be ranked higher.


Content or media type. Currently, search only looks for content type items, including:

  • Articles
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Media (all)
    • Images
    • Galleries
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • PDFs

Author and Tag

Author and tag allows you to search for items based on their author and tag related objects.

Searching for multiple authors or tags is always an "OR" type operation. Meaning, if you add "sports" and "features" as tags to your search, CEO will look for items tagged with both tags OR either tag. Items with both tags will be ranked higher than items with only one tag.

Edited By

Search for items that have been touched by a particular user, or multiple users. Like author and tag, adding multiple users will search in OR mode.

When searching with multiple users, CEO doesn't necessarily rake items that have been touched by all the users higher. This is due to the way CEO indexes these items and the fact that it is searching against active content and previous versions.


Search for items in a particular workflow.

Published After/Before and Created After/Before

Limit your search window to items created or published within a fixed time window. After is the bottom range and before is the top range.

Image Contains/ML Keywords

When uploading images to CEO, the system passes them through an AI system that attempts to describe what is in the image. That means uploading a photo of a dog may result in the keywords:

  • dog
  • canine
  • labrador
  • pet
  • animal

You can add multiple search terms by separating them with a comma. Again, like tags and authors, this is an "OR" search, so searching for "dog, labrador" will search for items containing both or either.

EXIF/IPTC Metadata

CEO indexes all of an uploaded photo's EXIF and IPTC data. This allows you to search through a common subset of keywords and values. Some of the common keywords are:

  • Author
  • Caption
  • Device
  • Location
  • Writer
  • Date

Example Searches

Special section

items about "coach" from their first years

items about festival, taken at location, grouped into collection

Photos from former staffer

photog name in iptc data, plus date range