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Note Comment

Note comment is an internal process used to handle replies to in-content comment replies.

GET /v3/note-comment/{uuid}

Load note comments by parent reference. Parent reference may be either parent content UUID or parent note UUID.

Acl Action: NOTECOMMENT get

Example Response:

    "items": [
            "id": "1",
            "uuid": "AAAA-1234",
            "reference": "BBBB-1234",
            "user_id": "1",
            "comment": "<p>And a reply!<\/p>",
            "created_at": "2017-02-15 21:39:51",
            "version": "92",
            "draft_uuid": "",
            "parent_id": "0",
            "user": {
                "id": "1",
                "uuid": "CCCC-1234",
                "name": "mike",
                "slug": "mike",
                "email": "",
                "is_snworks": "1",
                "srn": "srn:tsn:ceo-core\/user:CCCC-1234",
                "gravatar": "http:\/\/\/avatar\/"

POST /v3/note-comment/{uuid}

Create a new comment, where UUID is the parent reference. Either 'root', or parent comment.

Acl Action: NOTECOMMENT create

Example Request:

    "comment": "<p>my formatted comment</p>"
    "version": 1
    "reference": "DDDD-1234"

Example Response: See GET /v3/note-comment/{uuid}