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General Settings

General settings alter how CEO and the Article Editor function.

Admin access required

Administrator level access is required to modify global settings.


You can enable or disable the silly jokes and random tomfoolery in CEO's interface.

Agent Access

Agent access cannot be disabled while CEO3 is in beta. Agent access allows SNworks support staff to access your CEO instance.

Enable Grammarly

Grammarly support is experimental, so you can disable it if you choose.

Enable Local Save and Recovery

External CSS

Local save and crash recovery is experimental. It can be enabled/disabled globally.

Site CSS

External CSS

Including an external CSS file into the article editor allows your content as it would appear on your site.

Import either a base CSS file (Bootstrap or Tailwind) or your site's entire CSS file into the article editor. You can include multiple files by separating them with a comma.



Clips are bits of reusable HTML that you can define and add to your content whenever you need to. Some common examples are buttons and other CTAs.